OpenHub framework

It's Apache Camel extended for enterprise ...

Have you already noticed that most of integration projects consists of 80% from routine and only 20% are really new topics? Do you really want to spend so much effort on things which have already been solved before ? We don't.

In OpenHub framework world most of the operational infrastructure is ready out of the box. Also typical coding scenarios can be generated and only adjusted if you need to. And when you code someting, there is a big chance that somebody already did the same before.  We offer you to profit from the wide community of Apache Camel, not to code, just install. Also repeating business scenarios can be downloaded from the catalogue and just plugged into your project. 

You can use Apache Camel but you need to add lot of another libraries, check compatibility, prepare database and application server, then configure and tune everything together for production quality. If you solve real problems then often you need more then basic functionality ...

We were working this way for the first time but now we have OpenHub framework where everything works fine from the very beginning.

And if you really face to something special and new, OpenHub framework does not limit you in any direction. There are no dark corners in your project. Who has ever had to deal with black box, sure understands .... 

With OpenHub framework you have the whole source code in your hands, to the gunnels, and the community around, with many people ready to help.

Main OpenHub extensions of Apache Camel:

  • asynchronous messaging model
    • parent-child concept
    • obsolete messages
    • funnel
    • guaranteed message processing order
    • confirmation to callee system
    • monitoring
    • archiving messages in final state 
  • cluster support
  • proven full application stack
  • own admin console
  • ....

See WHY for more features and details ...

We believe OpenHub framework is useful and effective integration framework ... Don't hesitate and try it.

Project artefacts


Issue tracker:

Current stable versions2.3.0 (JavaDocwiki)

Previous versions: 1.0.0 (JavaDoc, wiki), 2.0.0 (JavaDoc), 2.1.0 (JavaDocwiki), 2.1.1, 2.2.0 (JavaDocwiki)

Current development version: 2.4.0-SNAPSHOT

Build server

Admin GUI

Apache Camel is open source project of The Apache Software Foundation. 

Open source

Power of Apache Camel community

Proven application stack

Asynchronous messaging model

Own administration console

Cluster support

No limits for distribution

Technologically neutral

High quality code and documentation

Enterprise ready

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