Have you seen Apache Camel FAQ?

OpenHub framework extends Camel's funtionality therefore look at Camel's FAQ firstly.

General Questions

Can I get commercial support

Yes, please look at OpenHub's homepage, section support.

How does OpenHub framework compare to Camel?

Apache Camel is base upon OpenHub framework is built. OpenHub framework represents extension of Apache Camel - reuses 100% functionality of Camel and adds new ones. See Why OpenHub framework? page for more details why it's good idea to try OpenHub framework.

What is the license?

This software is open source using the Apache 2.0 license

What platforms are supported?

Every platform where there is Java 8. OpenHub framework is neutral to operating system, database and Java servlet-based application server.

Who is developing OpenHub framework?

See Team page for more information.

It seems like a quite new solution. Has it been already used?

We realesed the first public version after several years of internal using. OpenHub (at the beginning without the name) starts as a library with common functionality for our integration projects. Later, we decided to move it to the next level - create standalone framework but still for internal use in our projects only. And finally, after some time we decided to make it really public as open-source and it's OpenHub now. OpenHub (or the code of OpenHub is maybe more precise) runs in production environments of several companies, code is tuned from testings and production running with real integration scenarios.

Is it a final version or do you plan next versions?

We use OpenHub in our projects and therefore we plan to refine it and add new functionality based on our project's needs. But our goal is to invite community to help us with next development.

What about the quality of code and documentation?

We are trying to do our best - we use pull requests with reviews in our team, we write unit tests as reasonably as possible, we write documentation to the wiki and comments to understand our code ... We would like to be proud of our work and we expect others to use it!

We would like to use OpenHub/Apache Camel on our project but we don't have enough skilled people. Could you help us?

Yes, we can help you with starting your new project (review architecture, prepare project structure, create development environment) and also help you with implementation. Please, see our development packages or contact us directly at openhub(at)openwise.cz.

Can I contribute?

Yes, we would appreciate it. Look at Contribution for more details.

Technical Questions

What about performance?

There are no limitations for synchronous messages - it's as fast as Apache Camel. For asynchronous messages we use database for saving states and it could be bottleneck for some cases from performance point of view (besides many other advantages). We added cluster support to our last version.

Do I need to install messaging/JMS/MQ systems to support asynchronnous messaging?

We believe that any database is in every company and therefore we want to reuse it for OpenHub too. Everything that OpenHub needs to save is saved in a database, there is no limitation for the type. No need to adapt new JMS/MQ system in your company to support asynchronnous messaging.