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Version 3.x (back log, planned in 2021)

  • create SpringBoot starter
  • improve alerts and throttling configuration
  • remove differences between synchronous and asynchronous messages
  • auto generation of Swagger definition of exposed REST interfaces
  • upgrade to Apache Camel 3.x
  • improvement of REST API integration (optimalization of data transfer via graphQL or MsgPack)
  • improvement of API security (OpenIDConnect, OAuth2, …)
  • optimize items in message table
  • create Maven archetype
  • add possibility to evict/clear cache values
  • change Camel events to Spring application events
  • improve of archivation functionality
  • documentation style of development - integration of documentation as source of API)
  • improved modelation style of development - preparation of component’s snippets with Fuse Tooling
  • improved catalog of services (API management, grouped administration of interfaces)
  • improvement of logging and monitoring (prepared complete stack)
  • admin console refinements
    • show all defined quartz jobs in admin gui
    • extensions overview
    • allow some operations for multiple messages 

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