Traditional deployment

Spring Boot application is designed to be deployed as traditional war archive. The most important is which version of servlet container is used. Older Servlet containers don’t have support to bootstrap process used in Servlet 3.0 and web.xml must be used (configure it to load an ApplicationContext via a DispatcherServlet).

Basically OpenHub can be deployed to traditional application servers, but some types require specific configuration or modification.

Actually supported servers are:


If you’re trying to deploy the application to a Platform-as-a-service, Spring’s vaunted portability buys you a lot of options here. Spring Boot offers perfect support for cloud-based environments. There are not special needs from OpenHub point of view.

EJB support

Actually EJB support is not planned but there is no restriction. Only one think that is necessary is to use web.xml and define metadata-complete to false, see more detail.