Integration platform generates application logs and writes records to database.

Application logs

There is Maven property log.folder that specifies target folder for application logs.

Log names are in format logFile_YYYY-MM-DD_N.log, where N is order number unique for each day. If the log file is greater then 10MB then new log file with next order number is created. It's best practice to backup these application logs, at least for 2 months.

Logback offers lot of possibilities where and how log items save to - to file system, to database, send it by emails etc. 

See ohf-logback.xml for default logging configuration.

When we use standard installation with Apache Tomcat server then we have all logs in /srv/project_name/logs/ folder with the the following sub-folders:

  • apache: logs generated by Apache HTTP server
  • j2ee: logs from integration platform
  • tomcat: logs generated by Apache Tomcat


OpenHub stores lot of records to database, namely to these tables (see Data model for more information):

  • message
  • external_call
  • request (it depends on configuration)
  • response (it depends on configuration)

Also database records should be backuped. Remove old records to keep good performance - we remove records older then 2 months usually on our production installations.