Why OpenHub framework?

  • OpenHub framework is based on matured, well-proofed and very popular integration engine Apache Camel
  • OpenHub framework extends basic Camel functionality to be more productive and effective in common integration implementation
  • OpenHub framework is proven and stable solution used in production environments
  • OpenHub framework is open-source with quality code, covered by many unit tests
  • OpenHub framework uses database as queue for asynchronous messages processing. Database is well-known technology for most people to administrate or use it. Nevertheless, we want to offer alternative, we want to support JMS as queue.
  • OpenHub framework is technologically neutral to operation system, application server and database.
  • OpenHub framework together with application server like Apache Tomcat and database like PostgreSQL represents light-weight ESB solution (server and database can be different)
  • OpenHub framework uses another well-proven open-source libraries such as Spring BootSpring framework, Spring security, Spring Web Services, Hazelcast, Flyway or HttpClient
  • OpenHub framework offers proven and tested application stack of another dependent libraries and frameworks
  • OpenHub framework makes use of Spring Boot's style of configuring and creating applications
  • OpenHub framework can use same tools which can be used by Apache Camel, for example Red Hat® JBoss® Fuse or Hawtio
  • OpenHub framework has own web administration console

Main OpenHub framework extensions

OpenHub framework extends Apache Camel in many ways, look at main points: